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Lens Care

Things to prepare before using circle lens

Contact Lens Case Lens Case
We offer a free lens case with every pair of circle lenses purchased from circlelens.com. Lens case is used to store your lens and the solution. Be sure to keep it clean at all time, and replacement of the case is recommended every 3 months.
Multipurpose Solution for Soft Contact Lens Multipurpose Solution
All in one solution that you can use to clean, rinse, disinfect, and store your contact lenses. Clean your contact lens before and after you wear them. Rinse them twice and place them in the lens case with solution to disinfect and store. Only lens case and multipurpose solution are necessary for beginners.
Rewetting Drops Rewetting Drops
Eye drops for rewetting and lubricating your contact lenses. Make sure you choose the product that is suitable for contact lenses. This product is highly recommended for people with dry eyes.
Protein Remover for Contact Lens Protein Remover
A solution that can remove protein built up on your contact lenses. The process is normally done once a week to give extra care to your lenses. Please read instruction on the product before use.

Just got the lens, what’s next?

  1. Check the lenses from the bottom of the vials (model, color, quality)
  2. Check the expire date at the side of the vial
  3. Check the prescription on top of the vial
  4. Open the vial
    1. Push the plastic cap up where the arrow is (For NEO Vision, pull the opposite side of the arrow)
    2. Slowly pull the cap. The metal part should stick with the cap.
    3. Pull out the rubber part.
  5. Pour the lenses and the solution into your hand
  6. Clean and rinse many times with multipurpose solution
  7. Store in the clean lens case with multipurpose solution for at least 6 hours before you try it on.


How to wear circle lens

  1. Wash your hands and dry them.
  2. Rinse your lens with multipurpose solution.
  3. Put a circle lens on your middle or index finger. Make sure that it is on the right side.

    Contact Lens Sides
  4. Lift or pull down your eyelid a bit, then insert the lens. 
    (TIP: stare somewhere while doing this can prevent blink)

    Lift your eyelid Pull your eyelid


How to remove circle lens

  1. Wash your hands and dry them.
  2. Lift or pull down your eyelid a bit, and then use your thumb and index finger to pull out the lens.

    Move your eyelid Pull out the lens
  3. Clean, and rinse your lens with multipurpose solution and store it in the lens case with solution.


Dos and Don’ts

  • Do not sleep with circle lens on.
  • Do not swim with circle lens on.
  • Do not share circle lens with others.
  • Do not use tap water to clean the lens.
  • Put on circle lens before makeup and remove them before washing your face.
  • Wash your hands with soap before touching the lens. Your soap should not contain fragrance, oil, or lotion as they may irritate your eyes.
  • Do not wear the lens that is torn or expired.
  • Take circle lens off immediately if it is causing redness, tears, and irritations.